Welcome to my Official Website!

Here you can find information about my books and myself. The two other main parts of my website are my Trauma Pages and my Bookworm Pages.

Trauma Pages:

Whether you are a layperson or professional, a civilian or military member, here you will find a list of helpful links to trauma resources in the internet, related associations, institutions, and professional journals. There is also a section for campaigns against bullying and stigmatization.

The bookshelf showcases a selection of non-fiction titles suitable for all readers in the fields of trauma, PTSD, dissociation, anxiety, panic, depression, alcohol & substance abuse as well as novels dealing with trauma. The audio shelf describes helpful albums for relaxation, and the video shelf displays military trauma-related movies.

Bookworm Pages:

The bookworm pages offer creative writing-related links and are home to my book club Let’s Talk About Books, where I’m posting fiction recommendations and invite authors to talk about their new novels. The bookworm pages also feature a growing series of extensive author interviews covering all kinds of topics that should be of interest both to readers as well as to others writers. I’m really excited about doing the interviews and posting them here, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading them!
And a big thank you to all the authors participating in my interview series and my book club - it's such a pleasure having contact with you!


Leah Wizelman

Site Updates & News

November 16, 2015
New interview online:
Miranda Dickinson

July 22, 2015:
New book club guest:
Laura Madeleine

July 16, 2015:
New book club guest:
Lisa Ballantyne

June 13, 2015:
New interview online:
David Bell

June 6, 2015:
New interview online:
Jessica Brockmole

June 5, 2015:
New book club guest:
Liz Fenwick
New interview online:
Lucy Clarke

June 4, 2015:
New interview online:
Lucy Atkins

June 3, 2015:
New book club guest:
Liz Nugent

June 2, 2015:
New interview online:
Erin Lawless

May 28, 2015:
New book club guest:
C. L. Taylor

May 19, 2015:
New interview online:
Paula Treick DeBoard

April 24, 2015:
New book club guest:
Rosanna Ley